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July 2021

Brenda returns to the WOW Tech studio to present some of their newest brands. 

August 2021

Brenda emobdies the role of "Real Ambrosia" in WeirdBaby Production's "Raising the Stakes," an independent short. Stay tuned for this impactful film when it is released in 2022

September 2021

If you are using Lingua.com to learn Business American English, you will hear a familiar voice! Brenda will guide you through business phrases so you sound like a natural!

3 September 2021

Brenda reunites with Sarah Connor and the band for an open-air show in Leipzig. It has been nearly two years since they were together for a live show, and you don't want to miss it! Get your ticket here.

September 2021

Work out with Brenda on the Zanadio app! If you have health insurance in Germany, your doctor may perscribe the Zanadio app, where you can find helpful tips for maintaining good health, including step-by-step instructions for various exercises, pictured by Brenda 

December 2021

Assuming Corona restrictions allow, stay tuned to see where Brenda will be singing GOSPEL this season!

Spring and Summer 2022

After rescheduling in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, Brenda is super excited to hit the road with Sarah Connor and co for a second round of the Hertz Kraft Werke tour! Tickets can be found here.

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