Vocalist, Actress, Model,
and Voiceover Artist
Four Women (Sarah) - Nina Simone
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June 2020

Brenda embodies the role of a Haitian ambassador in an upcoming feature film, directed by the Anderes Veiel! Filming takes place in the month of June, and the film is set to be released in fall 2020. Stay tuned for more details.

July 2020

Brenda returns to the WOW Tech studio to present some of their newest brands. 

August 2020

Join Brenda for Songs from the Stage, a FREE virtual recital in support of safe housing and programs for girls in danger of being cut (female genital mutilation) on 1 August. Click here to join the fun!

September 2020

Give Live A Chance! Brenda joins Popstar Sarah Connor and others to bring the first mid-Covid, large scale live music event to Germany on 4 September, in Düsseldorf

Summer 2021

Brenda reunites with German Pop Superstar Sarah Connor for a second round of the Hertz Kraft Werke tour (summer dates from 2020 were rescheduled because of the Corona virus)! Find tickets for March here. Tickets for the summer tour can be found here.

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